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Our story started in 2001 in a dark room, printing photographs from film in our small, home-made laboratory.

At the age of twenty and fifteen, we were already starting to realise our deep connection with photography.

This passion led eventually to Benni Carol Photography, a company that is the result of years of hard work and dedication.

Benni Carol Photography specialise in weddings and family portraits, although our expertise also includes working with artists and performers.


Benedetta is the senior wedding photographer. She has been developing her unique style over many years, building up her portfolio in Italy and in England. She is a fanatic for perfection and professionalism. Having worked really hard to get to this level, she is never satisfied unless everything reaches her standards.


Carolina is the junior wedding photographer and Benedetta's assistant. Not only she will be backing up Benedetta in order to capture all the essential moments, but also will be the person that will take care of you, that will do her best to understand all your needs, looking after the tiniest of details. Carolina will also work once the pictures have been taken, dealing with the viewings and the making of the albums.



We started working together ten years ago, when we probably still didn't have a clue of where our lives would have brought us! After having attended a course in dark room and analogic photography in Turin, Benni started to refine her digital technique by photographing her favourite model, her sister Carol!

In 2009, Benni moved from Turin to London, where she was shortly followed by Carol. 
We lived together, sharing the same bed and dreams for about two years, two years of fun and hard work, being constantly side by side our growing awareness of what we wanted to do: photography.

As one of our biggest passion is music, we initially started to work with musicians and artists, getting day after day more specialised and getting more aware that our expertise fileds should have been a sort of fine art photo journalism one.. 


As everyone, we also have many different passions that range from travelling to cooking, from fashion to trekking, from movies to music!
Benni has been travelling all around the world, only to take a short break now that she just became a mother of a beautiful baby boy, Jesse! It won't take long until she will start again exploring new places and meeting new cultures!
Carol is a climber and has a deep passion for mountains, passion that she is trying to transmit to her poor husband, who was living a quiet life before meeting her!
Benni and Carol, they love experimenting new boundaries of photography, trying always to push their limit in order to express their creativity and originality!

We hope you liked our story and that you enjoy our work!

We look forward to hearing from you.


Benni & Carol