Benni Carol wedding photographers Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

As an outdoor wedding photographer based in the UK and in Italy, do you travel for weddings?

Of course! We are two wedding photographers who specialise in destination, outdoor weddings and elopements. With Benni based in Hastings, East Sussex, and Carol based in Florence, Tuscany we cover weddings all over the UK, Italy and Europe.

How much is the average price of a destination wedding photographer covering weddings in Europe?

When booking Benni Carol Photography for your wedding, packages start at £2500 for a full day coverage with two photographers on location throughout the whole wedding. The average spend with Benni and Carol is £2900. For more detailed information about our services and prices, request a copy of our online brochure.

How much extra are the expenses of a destination wedding photographer covering weddings in Europe?

Benni Carol Photography are based both in Hastings, East Sussex and in Florence, Tuscany. This gives us the big advantage of being able to keep our expenses as little as possible, especially when covering weddings in the UK and in Italy. Therefore, to make things easier for our couples, all our expenses are already included in the packages we offer.

Do you cover intimate and elopement weddings in Europe?

Of course, this is part of our expertise. With our love for the outdoors and our commitment to a more socially conscious and eco-friendly way of doing business, intimate weddings and elopements are just the perfect fit for our ethos. To know more about intimate weddings and adventurous elopements in Europe, click here.
To find out more about our elopement prices and packages, request a copy of our online brochure.

What are the steps to book a wedding photographer?

The first step to booking a wedding photographer should always be having a chat with them over Skype (or Zoom, or WhatsApp or anything that you are used to using) and see if they are the right people for you. You should always like the work of a photographer, but clicking with them on a more personal level is equally important, so make sure you have a proper chat with them before going ahead with the final steps. In our case, once your heart is set and you are ready to proceed with the booking, we will ask you to transfer a 30% non-refundable deposit to secure the day and to sign our wedding contract.

When booking a wedding photographer, do you sign a contract?

Of course! It is essential to protect both parties. In order to complete the booking process, we always ask our couples to sign a contract. If a photographer doesn’t ask you to do so when you are booking their services, you should ask for one.

What are the benefits of having two photographers at my wedding?

Benni Carol Photography were born as a team of two wedding photographers and since the very first day (and even before then), we have worked together to create a special synergy. We are two driven sisters that work together in a creative environment with the ability to complement each other flawlessly.
Having two wedding photographers on your wedding day will give you the chance to:

  • Have two different moments happening at the same time documented, like for example the bridal and groom preparation.
  • Have different and unique angles. Benni usually focuses on those dramatic wide angle shots, while Carol focuses on close-ups and emotions.
  • Have every challenging situation covered. From a very rainy day, to very harsh lighting conditions, we always have everything covered (twice!).

But there is more: with Benni and Carol you will have the added bonus of working with two sisters able to create together something unique, that complement each other perfectly and that share the same creative and inspirational process.

Are you a team of two wedding photographers and do you always work together?

Yes, we are a team of two wedding photographers. We always work together, so when booking Benni Carol Photography for your wedding, you will always have two photographers on location for the whole day.
In low season and on mid-week days, we can customise smaller packages offering the possibility to book only one of us at a smaller price. For more information regarding the packages we offer, request a copy of our online brochure.

I am camera shy, how do people deal with this on their wedding day?

Leave it to the photographer! It is the photographer’s job to make sure you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible, this is also the reason why clicking with your photographer on a personal level is as important as loving their work.
We are two very easy going people and we pride ourselves in being very sensitive and able to make everyone feel relaxed in front of the camera. There hasn't been a single occasion in which we did not manage to make our couples feel at ease and to make them enjoy their couple pictures moment! Also, for most of the day you will hardly notice us, we are extremely discrete, we blend in with all the guests in order to take those candid and natural shots that best define our work. If you still feel you need a little bit of an icebreaker, we do offer engagement sessions. If you book an engagement session, you will have the chance to see how we work and you will learn a few tips to stay in front of the camera, but mostly you will see that there is nothing to worry about, it will all come so natural!

Shall I book a pre wedding/engagement session before the wedding?

We always advise to do so. Of course, booking a pre wedding session is not compulsory at all, but it is a perfect icebreaker and a perfect way to get to know each other a bit better before the big day.
To all the couples that decide to book us for their wedding photography, we offer a special price on engagement sessions as we firmly believe that we should do everything in our power to make our couples feel as at ease as possible on their wedding day.
A pre-wedding session is usually 2 hours long. It is the perfect occasion to get to know each other, to see how we work and especially to see how natural and comfy we will make you feel in front of the camera.
An engagement session is also the perfect way to create some beautiful images that can be used for your invitation cards or for your wedding website. Especially for outdoor and destination weddings, wedding websites are becoming more and more popular as they easily convey a good amount of information with just one click.
Being based both in Hastings and in Florence, makes it possible for us to travel to London or any destination in Essex and to travel anywhere in Tuscany. Just get in touch to start scouting for your perfect location!

Eco friendly weddings and socially conscious businesses, why have you decided to go in this direction?

We have spent our entire childhood outdoors, enjoying every single hike or climb or night out camping in the mountains. As grown-up people now, we value the time spent with our families and every chance we have to spend it outdoors with them.
Now that we are learning to share our love for the outdoors with our two kids, we appreciate even more how fragile and precious nature is. It aches to know that large areas of the world together with their biodiversity are under threat and that soon will disappear. We feel a mix of guilt and nostalgia knowing that we lived in a world that our children might not have the privilege to experience in the same way, unless we start taking the matter seriously. There are so many things Benni Carol Photography can do to improve both on a personal and on a business level, but deciding to photograph outdoor weddings that have a lower impact on the environment, is surely one of them. This is why outdoor weddings, intimate elopements, eco-friendly and socially conscious weddings are our way to be true to ourselves.

What else do you do as a business to give back to nature?

The long (non-voluntary) break we took due to the CoronaVirus, had one very positive aspect: it gave us time to think. Giving back to nature as a business has always been something that has been troubling us. Over the years, we have created a rustic, natural, bohemian, outdoor oriented image to our business, but it always felt like something important was missing.
We have now had that precious time to collect our thoughts and give Benni Carol Photography a definite push towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of doing business.
We are now proud partners of OneTreePlanted, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. They plant trees to restore nature and biodiversity. They also raise awareness about the importance of trees, offer businesses like ours a simple sustainability solution, and motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment.
We plant a tree for each wedding or session booked and we donate 1% of all our income yearly to OneTreePlanted
We try to work mainly with suppliers that share our same ethos and to minimise as much as possible our impact on the environment, both as people and as photographers.

Which are Benni Carol Photography Eco commitments?

All our eco-credentials are listed here.

Will you assist me throughout my wedding planning?

Of course, this is part of our job! Throughout the years we have gathered a lot of experience as outdoor and destination wedding photographers and we are more than keen to share it with all our couples. In addition, to make things as straightforward as possible, we have created one guide on planning a wedding outdoors and one guide on planning a wedding in Tuscany. Feel free to download them both at this link, they are our little gift to you.

We love the candid and natural look of your work, but will you take formal group shots too?

Yes of course, if this is something that you'd like us to do! We normally ask you to provide us with a list of up to 10 groups. From our experience, it's best if you nominate a person (usually the best man or maid of honour or a person that knows you and your guests very well) that will help us gather people in order to speed up the process as much as possible. No one is really a big fan of posing for ages!

Will I be able to purchase an album?

Of course! You can choose either a Coffee Table Album or a Lay Flat album. They are fully customisable and you can choose the material and colour of the cover. For more details feel free to request a copy of our brochure.

Do you edit the images?

Yes! As you can see from our portfolio, the post production part is a great deal of our job. We adjust colours, exposures, we add that little bit extra to make your pictures unique. What we really do not do, is to make you taller or shorter or slimmer or bigger. We photograph the day as it unfolds naturally in front of our eyes and above all we photograph all the perfections and the imperfections that come with it and that make it uniquely yours. If you like what you see on this website, then we are the right photographers for you. If you are looking for a more staged static look, we may suggest looking around a bit longer.

Will you give us all the unedited photos?

Nope. You will receive up to 800 professionally edited photos of your day, sometimes we end up delivering more, maybe because the wedding has many special events to photograph, the guests are many and there is simply so much going on that we just have to take lots of pictures. So adding those extra thousands of not quite perfect images is unnecessary. Most of them will be almost duplicates, with just the wrong face at the right time or test shots to adjust the settings of our cameras. Be reassured that we spend a lot of time selecting photos and we always make sure to pick up and edit the most perfect ones.

Shall we provide you with some food on the day?

Yes please, that would be very kind of you! We normally take our break while you guys have your meal since people are not big fans of us taking pictures while they are just relaxing and wanting to eat in peace. We will of course be always vigilant and usually not far from the reception, so we can supervise the situation and take pictures of whatever is needed. Every caterer and venue has their own policy for food, they will be able to let you know how they normally behave with photographers' meals.

Is it ok to send a list of photos to your wedding photographer?

Sure it's ok, just bear in mind though, that it will not be a checklist. We will use it to be aware of certain shots you would like to have, but we will not stick fully to it if it does not reflect our style of photography. We have a blog that we update almost every week and a Pinterest account and you are more than welcome to send over examples of pictures you have in mind from our personal work. In this way you will be sure we definitely are definitely on the same page!

Any more questions?

Please, feel free to send us an email or to call Carol at +44 745 614 7461 or at +39 351 535 1817, we will be more than happy to help you!


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