Why is getting married outdoors such an exciting way to celebrate your wedding and what should you know before starting your journey into such an epic world.

As wedding photographers who specialise in outdoor weddings, there is really nothing more magical than witnessing our couples saying their vows outdoors, surrounded by nature and its unique colours and sounds. Getting married outdoors creates a one and only atmosphere, it allows you to create a deep connection with nature and yourselves. It's true, you cannot control many things when you choose to celebrate your wedding outdoors, it could be simply too sunny, or too windy or worst, rainy! But the one thing you should always keep in mind is that one of the reason why you decided to go for an outdoor wedding in the first place, is that you love being surrounded by nature and this is the perfect time to celebrate this big passion of yours! And, most importantly, remember that there actually are a few (actually many) things you can control that will help you live the best experience, even if something unpredictable had to happen.

With years of experience photographing weddings outdoors, we have gathered some very helpful knowledge that will definitely have everything covered!

Here are the 3 things you should always keep in mind when planning a wedding outdoors. If this is your dream and if your heart is settled on an outdoor celebration, then make sure to download our totally FREE 360° guide to plan a wedding outdoors, this is the link to the FREE download.

The guide covers every aspect of the planning, from logistic to legal manners and it gives a useful insight from our first-hand experience in the field.

But now, lets' go down to business and let's have a look at the 3 ESSENTIAL THINGS you should always have covered when planning a wedding outdoors.

1. Be comfortable

The very first thing you should ask yourself is, do I want to get married outdoors? The answer should be yes and always yes! Don't get us wrong, getting married outdoors is not something extreme, or super challenging or almost impossible to achieve, but you surely have to feel it! As in most things, it HAS to feel right for you. There is no point in choosing to celebrate your wedding outdoors and then feel miserable for most part of it because something you didn't predict happened, so


Plus, make sure you cover your bare necessities, but especially the ones of your guests, who will share this wonderful day with you. There are very simple yet essential little things you can do to make sure the experience of everyone will be one to remember!

We have this point largely covered on our 360° guide.

2. Have a Plan B

Whether you are getting married outdoors in the UK or in Tuscany, when people think of an outdoor wedding, the question that instantly comes to their mind is: “what if it rains?”.

Fair question indeed, but also how about, “what if it is too hot”?
Rain is always thought as the ultimate problem to solve, while the heat is always underestimated. We have found ourselves troubled by the heat rather than the rain on so many occasions. So, how do you kill two birds with one stone?

If you are getting married in the UK, go for a tipi tent, or a marquee. They will of course provide you with protection in case of rain, but they will also be your best friends on a very hot day, trust us, you will be so relieved to actually be able to enjoy a bit of shade.

While if you are planning an outdoor wedding in Tuscany, most of the venues will have an indoor back up plan that can be set up at the very last minute, depending on the weather forecast.

If still you don't want to consider getting married indoors, you can easily set up a shelter to cover you from rain and sun.

Always remember, be clever about TIMINGS! Which takes us to our third and last essential point..

3. Be clever with your timings!

When you put down a schedule of your day, you will need to be clever and think about timings in a clever way.

Too often had we photographed weddings in which the outdoor ceremony was at noon, people were suffering the heat, the light was way too harsh and everyone was squinting because of the strong sun. Especially when it comes to outdoor ceremonies, you will have the luxury to be flexible with timings. If you don’t have a wedding planner and you are not sure who to ask, then ask your photographer. They will have enough experience to be able to guide you and help you to make the right choice. Remember that you are totally welcome to send an email to your photographer or to give them a call and put down a plan for the day together. Keep always in mind that this is also what we photographers are here for!



So here are 3 TOP TIPS to plan a wedding outdoors, but you can find everything you need to know on the topic on our 360° GUIDE, which can be downloaded for free here:


But most importantly,


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