Alternative Wedding Photographer Richmond, Surrey - The Elopement of the beautiful Carly&Dan

April 8, 2017


It's now almost been two years that we started to work with Travelshoot, an Australian company that connects travellers and photographers pretty much all over the world (if you are curious and want to have a look at their amazing destinations, just click here). And it was because of Travelshoot that we had the great pleasure of meeting Carly&Dan, two beautiful amazing guys having their elopement marriage right in London (THANK YOU SARAH!!).

Carly lived in London for years and it was too important to her to celebrating her marriage with her good old friends that were (most of them) meeting Dan for the very first time!


They chose right the heart of the city to celebrate the wedding and they got married in the amazing location of St Helens Bishopsgate Anglican Church, a cute little church just behind the Gherkin.



The wedding reception was held at New Street Wine, a very nice wine shop that felt just so perfect with the occasion!  




Carly&Dan were looking for a natural alternative photography for their wedding and we were more than happy to work in that direction! Walking with the bride and groom and all the guests in one of the busiest places in London (Brick Lane), getting the tube in Liverpool Street Station and getting to Hyde Park for some shots made our work so much easier! :)


And Carly&Dan were just the perfect guys to work with, always so kind and easygoing, perfectly understanding our ideas (and delivering badly well!!) and keen on trying and experimenting! Really, the best combination, especially if your goal is to get some alternative wedding pictures.


We would have happily come with you to Australia guys, but unfortunately we have our lives here!

Anyway, we are both sure that one day we will meet again and hopefully it will be another happy and full of joy day like it was the 13th of May! :)


Enjoy the pictures guys,





Useful Links:


Church: St Helen's Bishopsgate

Reception: New Street Wine Bar



Highlights of the day (click on image to enlarge)




 The Story of the day, enjoy! ;)