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Washingborough Hall Hotel wedding photographer - The beautiful wedding of Rachael & Graham

December 15, 2016


If you are wondering which are the most frequently asked questions when we have a pre wedding consultation with a couple, we can say with no hesitation that at the top of the list there is:


- I love your wedding photos and I am very keen in having couple pictures taken, but my husband-to-be does not feel comfortable (at all) in front of the camera, how do you deal with that? 


Followed straight away by:


- English weather is very unpredictable, especially in the Winter months, what do you do if it rains during the wedding?


Perfect, let's tackle the problems! Well, as far as regards the first question, you can have a read at this article we wrote a while ago in which we explain why we think that pre weddings are so important, just click HERE.

Quoting from the article "If you are amongst those brides with a shy husband-to-be, well be reassured that it is definitely not a problem! It is indeed our job to make sure you both enjoy the experience and you both do not feel embarrassed or out of place in front of the camera. As we always like underlining during the pre wedding chat, we will never force you to do something that does not feel like you, we always work around your personalities and we will never alter your nature, it is simply not the way we work and it would be definitely against our idea of natural wedding photography."


While, if the beloved rain shows up, what do we do? 

Well, first of all we judge the situation. If you come from the UK you know very well that there are different kind of rains! :) starting from drizzles and showers, going to storms and hurricanes!! 

So, if the rain is light, we can easily take pictures using a nice umbrella as a prop (white or very colourful umbrellas are our favourite), or if you are happy to just embrace the rain, no umbrella at all is even better!! :D


If the weather is more of a stormy one, then we will make the most out of the indoor spaces the venue will offer. Just be reassured that in a way or another, we will take pictures and we will make sure to get the best out of every situation!


Rachael and Graham's wedding was blessed with rain, but this did not prevent us to take some lovely pictures of them, of the ushers and the bridesmaids. We were constantly monitoring the weather (this is another great advantage of being two, one of us can afford to take a break and check the weather conditions) and we took advantage of every moment in which the rain was calming down a bit. We first took some safe shots indoor - luckily Washingborough Hall Hotel has an amazing light that goes through those beautiful windows - and then either by using props or just by taking advantage of dry moments, we took some gorgeous photos outdoor.


So rain in our opinion, is not a problem at all, is just another "feature" of the day. You really want to know the secret to deal with it? ENJOY your day, it will not come a second time so you might as well just take the most out of it!!


Rachael and Graham's was a great wedding, they enjoyed every second of it, you can tell from the pictures the emotions, the joy and just the happiness that made their friends and families so close.


Washingborough Hall Hotel's staff is also amazing, we are still thanking Amy for putting in buttonholes!


Enjoy Rachael and Graham's pictures guys!!


Benni&Carol xx


Wedding Venue:

Rachael&Graham's pre wedding in Cambridge: R&G pre wedding


HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY (click on picture to enlarge):