Nicola&Patrick's wedding in the beautiful Exmoor National Park

February 1, 2016


This fantastic wedding that took place in Exmoor national park, felt almost like a destination wedding to us, we had never been to those places before and the landscape could have not been more beautiful! We experienced from the very beginning all the friendliness of the people that live there, we were treated like stars everywhere we went, it felt very much like a holiday even though we were there to work! ;)


Nicola and Patrick chose a fantastic setting for their special day, the Little Quarme Cotteges "a small private estate dating from the Domesday Book. The current cottages and converted barns date from 1708 – completely renovated in 1989 and constantly redecorated and upgraded to the highest standards – designed to give each cottage comfort and privacy".


You can imagine how happy we were when we first saw those amazing little cotteges and all the green they were surrounded with!


Nicola and Patrick have been great all the way through their big day, even though the threat of the evil rain was always present, but I guess we were way more concerned than anyone there, it must definitely be an Italian thing!! :)


We wish you guys all the best future together ever, enjoy the pictures!