2017 Wedding Trends - Our favourite latest wedding trends - Part II

February 3, 2017


If you feel that our first "2017 Wedding Trends" was good, but not enough :) here comes our second bit of our favourite latest wedding trends!


I think it's already quite clear that weddings are getting more and more bold and funky; flowers, cakes and decorations in general have not the traditional and classic wedding look anymore, the wow factor is surely something brides are after.


That's why food stations and especially cakes are really a focus point when you enter the reception room, which takes us to our 5th 2017 trends..





Do you remember the classic white, multilayer cakes you used to see at weddings? Well, forget about them and just think differently! Think about your passions, your hobbies, think about what could quickly identify you and your personality and come up with the idea of a cake! 

Nowadays it feels like you can pretty much do whatever you wish, so don't be afraid to sit down with your partner and think about what could be the best cake for your most important of days! 


And remember, you don't have to stop at one cake, you can have multiple cakes, you can have cupcakes, if you are in Italy you can have pasticcini cake, you can curve the sugar and create your own decorations, you can have flowers, macaroons, you can also cut your cake with a sword!! (wait for it..) What I mean is, feel free to express yourselves through your food stations and cakes, it is actually something that the guests will just love, both seeing and (most of all) eating!! :)


Here below a few examples taken from some of our weddings!


Alex and Alex, who had their reception at the Chelsea Town Hall. They had a cake made of macaroons (their favourite thing on earth) and since they were both from the army, they thought to cut the cake with a sword!!




Nicola and Patrick were crazy about cupcakes instead, so their cake was made with a few tons of beautiful cupcakes! They also had a table covered with cakes that were used as prizes for the game they made for their guests.. to read more about their beautiful day that has been also featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, just have a look here: Nicola&Patrick's wedding in Exmoor National Park





Heather and James instead, were super passionate about literature and they designed their wedding cake with their favourite books, quite a unique idea!

Have a look at their beautiful day just here: Heather&James's wedding in Stoke Newington, London




And last but not least, Rosalba and Francesco. They had the most romantic destination wedding in probably one of the most beautiful places in Italy )and I would say in the world), Sorrento. Francesco is a little bit of a bike freak so for their day the bike was quite an important element. And of course it was also featured on their wedding cake! And they did not stop there, they had the most inviting a beautiful "sweet table" ever, you would just want to try every single cake that was on that table! To have a look at their gorgeous destination wedding in Sorrento just click here: Rosalba&Francesco's destination wedding in Sorrento, Italy.






Through the years we are starting to realise that having an intimate destination wedding or an elopement, is becoming the new thing. It surely doesn't have to be anything expensive, the whole idea is just gathering your closest friends and family and share your happy day with them.

This year we had the pleasure to experience two weddings that were following this philosophy, Carly and Dan elopement in London and Maria and Joe destination wedding in Cyprus.


They both chose two very different ways to celebrate their unions and although the two weddings were far from being similar, the idea behind them was pretty much the same: celebrating your  day with closest friends and family and just enjoy it as much as possible!


Carly and Dan were from Australia and they came all the way to London just to have their friends company, I think by far it is one of the wedding we enjoyed photographing the most! It was definitely an alternative wedding (we got to experience some real alternative wedding photography around London), the guys were more than happy to experiment new things and we managed to take some beautiful shots, we are still so happy!




Maria and Joe instead, celebrated their day on the gorgeous Cyprus (that gave us the chance to get some proper destination wedding photography).

Their most intimate friends and family were there and the wedding in its simplicity, was just so beautiful.





7) DON'T BE AFRAID OF BEING YOURSELF (our last and most sincere piece of advice!)


Your wedding day is YOUR wedding day, it's your occasion to show once again who you are and especially who you are now with your partner. You want to tell everyone the love you have for each other, so think about what makes you two so unique together and don't be afraid of shouting it out loud! :)





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An adventure pre-wedding session in the Italian Alps | G&A's photoshoot in Val di Susa, Piedmont

July 13, 2020

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