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Destination Wedding Photographer Sorrento, Italy - The stunning wedding of Rosalba&Francesco

March 31, 2017


Finally the time has come to post the full album of the stunning Destination Wedding we did in Sorrento in October. As most of you will know already, Sorrento is one of the most beautiful places in Italy (and probably in the world). It overlooks the Bay of Naples and its peninsula has views of Naples, Vesuvius and the isles of Capri, Ischia and Procida. You can easily see why the wedding was so gorgeous, even if everything went out of the window, we still would have had the best scenery ever.


But Rosalba and Francesco's wedding was surely perfect, nothing, and I mean literally nothing, went out of the window! We got to experience the proper Southern Italian wedding, it is extremely hard to beat the emotions, the joy and the beauty these weddings can give you.


For Rosalba's preparation, pretty much her intere home town was there, just to congratulate and to share a tiny bit of her most important of days. She was surrounded by flowers that had been coming without stopping for the two days before the marriage, continuing to come in the morning of the actual wedding.

Francesco was already with his family in Sorrento, the situation was slightly different, it was a little more intimate. Francesco was alone with his closest family from Florence, but you could still breath all the joy and the enthusiasm they were sharing for one of the most beautiful days in a person's life.


As for our experience, it had been magic from the very first day.

We arrived in Naples two days before the wedding. Rosalba's parents and brothers have been the most generous and kind people ever, they invited us to their place like we were some close friends. Michele (Rosalba's eldest brother) gave us an amazing tour around Naples, where we had the chance to discover one of the most charming and mysterious cities in the world. We are so grateful to having been able to experience such a place in such a way!


(Click on image to enlarge)


This was a spacial wedding in so many different ways. We first met Rosalba at the equally gorgeous destination wedding of Michy&Gu on Lake d'Orta, Italy last year (this is the link of the wedding if you want a sneak peak: Michy&Gu). Rosalba was Michy's maid of honour and so we established a special relationship straight away. On top of that, pretty much every guest that was a Michy&Gu's wedding was also at Rosalba&Francesco's, you won't believe how nice it is to see familiar faces again!! And some of them were also at Francesca&Niko's wedding in London early this November, can't wait to post their full album too!!


Here they are! :)



Most original Idea of the day: the "Escape with the bicycle from the church"


Francesco is a little bit of a cycling freak, so why not using a bicycle to run away after the ceremony from the church and the crowd?? With tin cans attached at the back and wild daises in the basket, could they have been more beautifully Italian? Just amazing!



Enough talking, I guess it is time to show some pictures! :)

Just one last thing about the venue. They chose for their wedding reception the Hotel Cucumella, Sorrento, literally jaw dropping! Have a look for yourselves:


Here below, a list of their suppliers in case you want some inspiration for your own wedding ;)


Venue: Hotel Cucumella, Sorrento

Music: Antonio Graziano Musicista


Enjoy the photos and leave a comment below, we would love to read your feedback!


Benni & Carol xxx


 Thanks Marco for the beautiful image, we love it!



HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY (click on image to enlarge)


Rosalba&Francesco's stunning day, full album: