2017 Wedding Trends - Our favourite latest wedding trends - Part I

January 31, 2017


Wondering which are the hot new wedding trends for 2017? We put together our favourite new trends, if you are looking for some wedding inspiration and ideas, have a look here below!


It looks like the new key feature of 2017 weddings is being as different and as creative as possible, trying to create your unique wedding offering your guests an unforgettable experience. I know sometimes it can sound a little bit scary and stressful to look for something new that no one has ever seen before, but don't worry, there are tons of blogs that can help you out with that and this is one of them!


Here below you will find a list of our favourite 2017 wedding trends, we could spot most of them in some weddings we did in 2016.. we loved them then and we love them now! :)




And we'd like to add.. FINALLY! As you might have guessed from our portfolio, we LOVE nature. Not only we love taking wedding pictures in the nature, but we also love being in the nature. We are park and mountain freaks and we both strongly believe that our future depends on and from the environment we live in and for that, we have a big responsibility.

Seeing that forest and wild nature themes are becoming more and more popular in weddings, makes us extremely happy and it makes our job even nicer! When you have got something good to photograph, believe me, everything becomes just perfect!



Sophie and Tom's wedding was forest themed. They had two gorgeous kids and being so conscious about all the environmental issues, makes them two terrific parents! 


Everything was designed by Sophie, it was a proper DIY wedding. If you look at the details, you will see how simple, yet so effective they are.





Flowers have always been a big thing in weddings, but lately it looks like the wilder they are the better! I have to say that this has been like this for the last couple of years, but now it is becoming a real thing. Again, we could not be happier, flowers are beautiful and when brides go crazy with them, it's just the best! It also appears to us that having funky floral designs is a perfect wow factor!


The flowers here below are from Checky and Niko's wedding and they have been designed by Wild Renata Flowers, we just love her work! She is in our recommended wedding vendors list for London area.






This is another chance to let people know a little bit more about your story.. it is so nice to actually being able to tell different stages and important steps of your life through little details. For Alex and Simon for example, bridges were terribly important.. he proposed on Hammersmith Bridge and for them that was such a beautiful moment to remember and most importantly to share, that their invitation and wedding theme was about bridges.. Their pre wedding photo shoot also ended on a bridge, and not on a random bridge, but exactly on the Hammersmith Bridge! 


Stationery by Wolf Whistle Studio - wolfwhistlestudio.co.uk



Maria and Joe for example, wanted to explain a little bit more how an orthodox ceremony in Cyprus worked and they decided to write about it on their invitation cards.. extremely cute and handy!

The same style was also used for the labels of the little presents they gave to every guest and for their table holders:





Think big and go crazy!! Being different and fun doesn't necessarily mean being expensive, you can totally work it out!


Take Angela and Achille destination wedding in Italy, they had the most traditional Italian wedding and yet, they added the extra ultimate experience that will make their wedding remembered in years! They had fire and giant bubbles instead of confetti for their most dramatic first appearance after the fateful YES..


If you are organising a destination wedding in Italy and you want to get in touch with the guys that made this possible, just let us know and we will do the magic! or you can contact Chiara Wanda Maio directly here: www.facebook.com/wandacircus.delsorriso



Otherwise you can make the biggest surprise to your better half! At Lou&Ben's wedding, we met the most entertainment team ever,

Encore Entertainment.


These super talented guys make you believe that they are real chefs or waiters, until all of a sudden they start singing perfectly, pulling off the best show ever!




And the last wedding inspiration we give you comes from Helen and Alex's wedding in Surrey, they simply turned their whole wedding into a  funfair!! 

If you have many kids in your guest list and you feel like having fun in the most authentic way possible, well then this is right for you!





And this is how our list of our favourite wedding trends for 2017 finishes, well actually, how its first part finishes!

We have a few more 2017 trends to show you, but we will reveal them only on Thursday!! :D


We really hope you have found this post helpful.. if you wish to leave your comments or share your own ideas or just something you saw at a friend's wedding, please use the box below, we will be more than happy to see if we experienced something similar too!!


Benni & Carol xx



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