3 Top Challenges of Wedding Planning

How to start off with your planning

Challenges of planning a wedding



It’s often said that the two most stressful life experiences are moving house or planning a wedding. It’s not surprising, then, that so many couples turn to a wedding planner to support the coordination of their big day.

The build-up to a wedding should be a fun time for couples, but it can become easy to get caught up in some of the challenges of wedding planning. Here we take a look at common problems couples face in the run-up to their wedding and how to overcome them.


It can feel overwhelming at the start once the initial engagement excitement settles down and the wedding planning truly begins. Money can be an awkward subject, but it’s so important to set out a clear budget from the start before you go mad on browsing wedding venues and dresses that you may not be able to afford. Lots of couples find they set themselves a realistic budget but end up going far over what they planned to spend. It’s often the smaller things that add up, perhaps an extra £100 on decorations, or £50 over on wedding shoes and adding extra things on as the wedding planning develops.

Sticking to a budget when planning a wedding

Keep a spreadsheet to track all your spending (and the little extras), and also be prepared for costs you may not have anticipated, such as fees for giving notice or your hotel accommodation if you aren’t staying at your venue. Keep a close eye on your spending and, if it’s creeping up, be honest about what you can sacrifice. Think about more affordable alternatives too – such as hiring a local band for the music, or choosing digital invites rather than printed invitations. So many couples feel the pressure of having an “Instagram or Pinterest worthy” wedding, but remember your friends and family are there to celebrate you, and no wedding is worth getting into debt for. When planning a wedding, it is important to always try to value experience and meaning over stuff. This should be a golden rule, it will both help you go gentle on your wallet and at the same time it will help you get rid of all the unnecessary things and be king to our planet.


Lots of people can find family politics pop up when planning their wedding, even when they have really strong family relationships! Wedding traditions and expectations combined with family opinions can make couples feel like they are walking on eggshells. If you have parents or family contributing financially to the wedding, be courteous and respect their opinions, but it is ok to remind them it is your day!

Considering family politics and how to integrate them in your day

You can also be strategic; if there is something you and your partner really want for your wedding (perhaps a particular band or style of food) that you truly have your heart set on, book it in and then share it with the family, as people are much less likely to chip in a negative opinion if something is already booked. Then for the things you’re happy to compromise on involve your family and ask for their opinions so they feel part of the day. It can feel frustrating at times, but for many parents, seeing their children marry is a huge moment they will have been looking forward to for a long time, so try to remember it comes from a good place!


If you are getting married at a popular time of year, you may find some of the suppliers you want aren’t available for your date. Lots of wedding photographers, hairdressers, florists and makeup artists will take wedding bookings for two to three years ahead, so their diaries can fill up fast. It can feel daunting knowing who to pick when there are so many fantastic wedding suppliers out there! Often, a wedding venue will have a list of recommended suppliers to help you get the ball rolling, or you can speak with friends to ask how they found their wedding suppliers. Don’t forget the power of social media too; if a supplier you’re interested in uses Facebook or Instagram it’s a great way to browse their work and see if they’re a good fit for you. If you don’t know where to start, get the venue confirmed first and from there, work out what your priorities are and look for suppliers in that order.

Lining up suppliers during wedding planning
Narrow down a list of wedding suppliers while planning your day

Taking time to get organised will make all the difference, but most of all, do all you can to enjoy the process! It’s a special time and celebrates key moments such as setting the date, choosing your dress, and giving notice of your wedding. If it does get overwhelming, take a step back and remind yourselves it will be so worth it when your big day comes.

Nowadays you can find so many resources online to help you plan your wedding, depending on the style you prefer, on the suppliers you are searching for and on the country you choose to celebrate your day.

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In particular, we specialise in outdoor and destination weddings and we work all around the UK, Italy and Europe.

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