Adventure weddings for adventurous couples mini series | Episode 1 - Why choosing an alternative destination wedding photographer?

May 26, 2017


With the engagement photo session of Carol&Fra at the Seven Sisters Country Park in Brighton as background, we have decided to launch a "3 episode mini series" on adventurous weddings and adventurous wedding photography to show how relatively easy it is to organise a different and alternative wedding in an adventurous destination.

Landscape wedding photography is definitely becoming our thing. It is no secret we have always preferred natural light and outdoor locations, I think pretty much everyone that follows us might have guessed that! :) Over the last couple of years we have been shaping and carving our style, aiming to get as close as possible to being alternative adventure wedding photographers in Surrey, Bristol and Europe.. I think little by little we are succeeding although the road is still long. We believe one can never really get there, as soon as you stop exploring, experimenting, evolving and trying, all the creative process slowly gets to an end resulting in a stop of your work improvement.


Although we are based in Surrey and Bristol, we love travelling anywhere in Europe and around the world. Destination weddings are always a big adventure, both for us and for our beautiful couples. We love sharing our passions with our clients, so the more outdoor and adventurous they are, definitely the better it is for us! :)


Choosing a wedding photographer that specialises also in adventure wedding photography is a massive help! Take our case for example, with a big, well.. HUGE passion for rock climbing, trekking and skiing, we definitely have not only the photographic skills, but also the mountaineering skills to follow our customers pretty much everywhere! We have the experience to really make the most out of every environment and location and being accustomed to travelling, we know how to swiftly adapt to any situation. It goes without saying that we are not simply "sporty" and outdoorsy people, we are also two highly experienced wedding photographers with a long history in the industry. This is why we can advise and help you through the whole wedding preparation process, we will be fully present offering our experience and advices to help you organising your adventure. No destination is too far or too extreme for us! Don't dream small, dream big and talk us through your adventure wedding vision, with our wedding experience we definitely have one or two or (actually) sooo many tips and ideas for your alternative destination wedding!





Follow this mini three episode series:


Coming next week  - What do I need to organise an adventurous destination wedding

Coming in two weeks - Adventurous wedding ideas, destinations, DIY, photography and more


For more info or just to say hi, get in touch at or give us a call at 07454022243.


We can't wait to hear from you. In the meanwhile, have a look at the beautiful photoshoot with Carol and Fra at the Seven Sisters Country Park, Brighton.


Benni & Carol






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An adventure pre-wedding session in the Italian Alps | G&A's photoshoot in Val di Susa, Piedmont

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