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May 23, 2019



Yay, the moment has finally arrived, we couldn’t be prouder of sharing the images from our very first official styled shoot!


The idea of the styled shoot had been buzzing in our heads for quite a while, but we never really found the time to actually start even thinking about it. Anyone who has been on a styled shoot before knows how much energy and work you have to put into it in order to end up with some quality material that you can actually use for your own portfolio and for the ones of each provider involved.


So one day Benni and I decided to make it official between us two and start the journey from scratch. We decided straight away that the two girls we wanted to start a collaboration with were two amazing and super talented girls, cofounders of MAADEstudio that styled two weddings we’d been lucky to photograph in the past, one in London and one in Venice. Maddalena and Alessia’s styling and decorations were just beautiful, so it felt only right to reach out and ask if they wanted to be part of the project. And they DID!! 


We started to work on the shoot straight away, finding the concept together, finding ideas, potential providers, materials, venue, dresses, flowers anything really!! 

At the beginning we were not sure about anything, but little by little the idea was getting more and more clear. 

One thing we were sure of was that we wanted to create a Boho chic atmosphere. Being wedding photographers specialised in outdoor boho weddings, it was only natural that we were going to go in that direction. Being also the crew a team of four Italian girls, it was quite natural too that Italy was going to be a big component of the project. 

So we chose to shoot in Italy, at the beautiful Villa Barbi in Brescia, with the most beautiful gardens. Every single provider that took part in the project is Italian. This was quite a critical thing to us, we wanted to show the work of Italian artisans deeply rooted in the Italian culture, but at the same time able to beautifully blend together tradition and modernism, creating unique and high quality products.


So we found the dresses. They came from a beautiful atelier not too far from Lake Garda. Hand made the three of them (we had three pieces for two models), the three sisters at Casa della Sposa in Verona simply nailed the concept, delivering three unique pieces of art. Quite frankly we were amazed by the result. 

We then found the florists, two wonderful girls at Botanica Atelier, based in Manerbio not too far from Brescia, who made the most beautiful centrepiece, bouquets and flowers crowns.




We wanted to create a journey, where the starting point was the earth and our (as human beings) natural connection to it, going through the different materials that are coming from nature, starting from the wood, going through bronze and ending up with gold. To stress the connection with the earth, the models had deliberately been left barefoot, surrounded by a boho setting that was set up in the green and decadent gardens of the Villa.
The colour pallet was chosen accordingly, with brown, green, bronze, terra di Siena and golden shades. All the stationery was then created alongside the theme, the wonderful hands that made the unique pieces are those of Marta, at Write Different , we just could have not found a more talented person!

Hair styling and make up followed straight after, we were lucky enough to start a collaboration with La Testa Matta  and with Alessandro Pompili, they both simply nailed the concept with the styling and the shades of the make up.


Everyone worked on the day with such a passion and with such a unique energy, that made us so proud of what we have managed to put together, I wish we could just go back and relive the day from the very beginning to the end!


I feel like I would need a book to actually tell the story of the day and of the journey that took us there.
Therefore I thought not to simply post one single post, but to post a few more posts on the photoshoot to give a proper insight of all the work that each and everyone involved put into this beautiful project.


In the meanwhile I put here below the list of the amazing people that helped us creating this day so you can start checking them all out:


Styling  |  MAADEstudio

Flowers  |  Botanica Atelier

Dresses & Accessories |  Casa della Sposa

MUA  |  Alessandro Pompili

Hair stylist  |  La Testa Matta

Stationery  |  Write Different

Models |  Martina & Francesca

Location  |  Villa Barbi







































































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