Destination Wedding Photographer Cyprus - The gorgeous destination wedding of Maria&Joe

March 25, 2017


So excited to show you the full album of the gorgeous destination wedding in Cyprus of Maria and Joe. 

As you can imagine the whole experience was just breathtaking!

Well, first of all we were in the most amazing place!! You won't believe the excitement and the satisfaction of going to the airport, on a business trip.. destination: Cyprus!!


I feel we were especially lucky as part of Maria's family was from the island, so they decided to have a full Cyprus wedding experience!

Maria got ready in the beautiful villa in which they would have had their reception afterwards. We arrived at the villa while they were setting up the tables for the reception. In order to give a proper Greek touch, every table was decorated with some olive tree branches, which was just perfect for the general setting. In addition, every guest had been given a cute disposable camera (that the kids literally loved) and a white scarf to use during the colder hours of the night.



When all the guests arrived, Maria was ready for the first ceremony to start. As in the best Cyprus tradition, the music started to play and the people started to bless and say their goodbye to the bride. The whole pre ceremony was very touching, even for us as we were not really expecting such a moment.


Good thing about weddings in Cyprus, important moments are repeated 3 times, so you always have the chance to really get it right! :)



Also the church was the proper orthodox church, with all those decorations and colours! The ceremony was nothing like anything we have seen before, it really felt like being documentary photographers on a trip to tell cultures and stories of faraway countries. I guess this is one of the thing we most love about our job, being able to document and to tell stories that we share with people, no matter where we are or who we are with.


The scenery for the couple pictures was gorgeous, we managed to express the atmosphere we got from the island on the trip we took the day before the wedding. The warm colours, the sun, the rocks, the sea, everything seemed to be there to make our job much easier!


And to end the day in the best way possible, they decided to have a few professional dancers from Cyprus, what an amazing idea.

Before showing you the full album from our destination wedding, there is one last thing we should probably mention.. you will see towards the end, our couple completely covered with money!! Be reassured, it is totally normal, it's just an extra way to celebrate a couple's new union on the island!! :)


We leave you also with one video from the night, just to give you an idea of what it was like, in case the pictures weren't enough ;)




While this is our photo journal of our beautiful trip in Cyprus, can't wait to visit some more amazing places next year!


OUR PHOTO JOURNAL (click on image to enlarge)


 And I guess this is it! 

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Benni & Carol xxx



HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY (click on image to enlarge)