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July 3, 2019



Are you dreaming of an outdoor wedding but you don’t have a clue where to start from? As wedding photographers specialised in outdoor weddings, we thought we could put together 5 little tips we think you should consider when planning to tie the knot in the outdoors. 

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Be at ease and comfy


The very first tip we feel we should give to you is making sure that getting married outdoor is really what you want and that you will feel relaxed and comfortable with your choice. There is no point in planning a wedding that sounds amazing but that simply will not feel right on the actual day. So ask yourself, am I an outdoor lover? Is being surrounded by nature what I enjoy the most? Will I be happy even if it’s going to be too windy, or too sunny or too humid or too whatever just because all that matters to me is getting married in the outdoors?
And of course, make sure your guests will feel as comfy as possible too, so just consider little things that even if small, might make the difference like for example, provide them with suncream, with mosquito repellent, with a folding fan or with shawls in case it’s going to be cold. 








Have a plan B


It might sound very obvious, but make sure you have a plan B. And I am not only talking about having a plan b for a potential rainy day, even the extreme heath could be as uncomfortable as the rain
Our favourite choice would definitely be having a yurt or a tipi tent. In case it rains, you can set up the ceremony underneath the tent and same thing, it case it’s too hot, you can just move everyone inside and at least having your guests in the shade. For very hot days, you can opt for tents with very big entrances that you can simply fold up and just use the actual tent as a “shade maker” (for the extra breeze). The handy thing about tipis and yurts, is that you can easily convert them into your reception location too, just shuffle tables in and the trick is done.










Be clever and think about timings


Especially with outdoor ceremonies, you can be quite flexible with timings. A good piece of advice would definitely be to think carefully about the sun and try to avoid the hottest hours. This will also turn out to be a very good thing from a photography point of you, having your ceremony not right during the harshest light hours will make it for much better photos.





Go crazy with your flowers


Remember, you are getting married outdoor and nothing and no-one will stop you from having lots of flowers! You will not be constricted by any indoor location pre-made thing, so just go wild with your creativity
Having said that, you might also opt for an outdoor location that is already naturally decorated, so think carefully when you choose your outdoor venue.








Can you get married outdoor?


Last but not least, make sure the wedding will be legal. In the UK for example, for the wedding to be legally recognised, you will have to have any form of roof above your heads. Although this rule is going to change (or at least, these are the rumours), it is always better to double check first before having bad surprises once it is too late!







Extra tip from the photographers


ENJOY YOUR DAY, remember, even if you plan everything to the smallest detail, it might happen that something doesn’t go according to plans. But so what?! You are nevertheless getting married and celebrating one of the happiest days of your life with friends and family, so what more to wish for? Don’t make a too windy day, or an insect, or a cloud ruin your most important day, it is just not worth it!! :)









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