When shall I book my wedding photographer? A few useful things to know when you start organising your wedding.

March 12, 2017



When shall I book my wedding photographer? This is definitely a question you should ask yourself as soon as you book your wedding venue. I know it could sound a little bit biased, after all we are wedding photographers and it is completely in our interests to tell you when to book your photography. But believe me, it is not the case.. The reason why we have decided to write this post is to provide you with a service and a honest piece of advice, with no ulterior motive. We have had so many requests for 2017 weddings lately and we were so sorry to reject them all that we thought "it is about time we advise our couples when to book their photography". Anyway, let me first make a distinction between who gets married in the Autumn/Winter months and who gets married in the Spring/Summer months. 




Alright, so if you are having a Winter wedding, then you can be a little bit more relaxed. Being a little more relaxed means that you can book your photographer with 6/8 months in advance. As you might imagine, winter months are considered off peak season so there is normally not the same level of requests as there is for Summer months. Having said that though, we would still strongly recommend you to book your wedding photographer as soon as you have a day and a venue, especially if you have a favourite one and you really want to go for them. At the end of the day, you will need a photographer so you might as well just book it straightaway and get yourself some peace of mind, such a rare and yet so essential thing when you organise your wedding.



We love winter weddings, light, style and surroundings are so stunning. 





If you are otherwise getting married in Spring or Summer, well then you should really look at your wedding photography straight away, of course this is true especially if you have a favourite wedding photographer and you know you would be not very happy to compromise on that. In the last couple of weeks, we had people getting in touch for this Spring and Summer saying, "we have been following you for long and we'd love if you could come and photograph our wedding". Every time this happens, we feel very bad saying "sorry, we are already booked on that day". Sometimes I feel like saying, "shame you didn't contact us before, we would have loved to photograph YOUR wedding because you really appreciate what we do and you love our style".


So please, take this piece of advice and book your wedding photography as soon as you have a day and a venue, even if booking a photographer with a year (sometimes even more) in advance may feel like an exaggeration. As I mentioned before, if you want to have a wedding photographer and wedding photography is quite essential to you, then you might as well just book your favourite one straight away, there is really not need to wait.





One last point we would like to cover is Destination Wedding Photography. If you are planning on having a destination wedding, your research for wedding photographers should be at the top of your priorities..

Sometimes, when people get in touch for destination weddings, we might be available on the actual day of the wedding, but we may also be already booked either the day before or even a couple of days before. Wedding photographers need to take into account the time of the trip, depending on where is the actual destination of course, but generally you want to be at the right place at least one or even two (you want to be 100% sure to attend the wedding ;) days before the actual wedding! You can see why it is so important to get in touch straightaway and book your photography, it is not tricky to arrange it, it is just very important to give it enough time :)





Well, we really hope to having managed to give a piece of advice to make all the preparation process a little bit easier! The very last thing we would like to add is, give it a try anyway, you may never know! Even if your wedding is due in just a few months, maybe your favourite wedding photographer is still available and they just can't wait to photograph your wedding!! :)



If you need more info on this matter, just get in touch at info@bennicarolphotography.com we will be more than happy to help!



Benni & Carol xx





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