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Blooming Green was founded in 2007 by cousins Bek & Jen and has since grown into a happy team of staff and volunteers who, together, form the unique business that exists today. Established on an acre of ground, that was once a Bramley orchard, the company now grows flowers and foliage on various sites, although the original plot at Loddington Farm is still at the heart of the business. Chemical-free, no-dig and what many people call their ‘happy place’..

The ethos of Bek & Jen’s business was that they wanted to provide flowers to people in as eco-conscious a way as possible but without coming across as preachy or gloomy. And that is still what they aim to do: educate in a light-touch, inspiring way in the form of a bunch of flowers.

From the very beginning they were ‘foam-free’. They used paper and cardboard for packaging as well as compostable, absorbent fabric for keeping the flowers hydrated. Bek & Jen’s arrangements involve using old-fashioned techniques to keep the flowers in place, including chicken wire and ‘frogs’ to hold the stems. On the cultivation side, they follow the ‘no-dig’ principle of growing.

Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-florist Blooming Green
Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-florist Blooming Green

Photo Credit: Key & Quill Ltd.

As Bek & Jen’s business grew in size, they became ever more enthusiastic about the concept pick your own flowers and of no-dig growing. For those unfamiliar with no-dig gardening, it is both wonderfully simple (for the gardener) and fascinatingly complex, the key is having faith in nature and knowing when to leave things alone.

Those concerned about the effects of cutting flowers, on the health of a plant, can rest assured. In most cases, the removal of the flower has no detrimental effect on the plant, whose ‘powerhouse’ is in the leaves and stems. Other flowering plants, known as ‘cut-and-come-again’ are positively encouraged to grow and flower, by the cutting of their blooms, the remaining flowers leaving a continuous nectar and pollen source.

Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-florist Blooming Green
Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-florist Blooming Green

Photo Credits: Manon Pauffin Photography & Key and Quill Ltd.

Looking at the wider picture, it’s wonderful to think of the positive environmental impact of Bek & Jen’s business: their aim is to be regenerative, rather than simply sustainable. No- dig growing is a major step towards part of this and the use of lorry loads of municipal waste compost. There’s also the effect on biodiversity, and specifically the insect population, of patches of mixed, nectar-rich flowers, like oases in a desert.

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Benni Carol's Eco-Wedding Suppliers Network

Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network

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