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Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network

Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-Wedding Stationery Chloe Ainsley Creative

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Chloe Ainsley Creative is an award-winning design studio specialising in modern, eco-friendly, stationery and paper goods for design-led events, creative souls and interior lovers.

The Studio

Why eco-friendly?


Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-Wedding Stationery Chloe Ainsley Creative

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The Studio

Based in Kent, the Studio serves UK-wide and beyond covering a selection of international locations. All artwork is designed and hand-finished by the face behind the business, the wonderful Chloe.

The Studio creates stationery for a range of occasions including weddings, events, private parties and commercial launches from save the date cards and invitations to place cards; table plans to thank you cards and everything in between.

Passionate about meaningful design and reducing waste, Chloe loves exploring ways to create beautiful, intentional pieces that celebrate the details, put a smile on faces and spark conversations.

Why eco-friendly?

Chloe's interest and drive towards eco-friendly stationery was sparked soon after entering the wedding industry and observing the sheer amount of excess and waste that occurs which led her to think there must be a better way! She loves having a challenge to sink her teeth into and knew that going against the “norm” would be hard work but well worth it and it’s certainly stretching her creatively.

Aside from that, Chloe believes we’re all called to be good stewards - privileged caretakers entrusted to look after the Earth, the people and the creatures in it as best as we can, which is another reason behind her eco-conscious endeavours. Chloe is continually seeking ways to improve her processes and materials whilst not compromising on creativity by exploring recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable options.

As an experienced Graphic Designer, she has learnt that good design can get things down to the essentials in beautiful ways. "There are many things I could do and there’s a BIG emphasis on the “could” but as I become more motivated by the idea of less waste and more meaning, I see many things as unnecessary. My interest and excitement now comes from exploring ways that stationery can be versatile whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. My focus balances between aiming to get the most out of each piece, the process and materials used to create them.

Every little helps, and we can all do our bit to help look after the planet. Few can claim to be completely eco-friendly, but I think it's important that we try our best - I'm learning as I go along!"

Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-Wedding Stationery Chloe Ainsley Creative

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​Little changes can make a difference and Chloe's efforts were recognised last year with a Sustainability Award for Eco-Conscious Business Practice. The Studio focuses on three M’s when it comes to sustainability - meaning, materials and mindful spending


It’s important to be realistic – in theory some ideas are wonderful but the reality is another matter! Chloe likes to consider how people are likely to interact with the stationery, their perceived value of it and how she can create an experience or extend the stationery’s shelf life by integrating meaningful elements that encourage further interaction or elevate it to a keepsake. 

For example, seeded paper is great for creating less paper waste while making more plants and flowers in theory, but as part of her role as a designer, she would consider the likeliness of the seeded paper actually being planted and how she could make it as easy as possible in her design solution to encourage that action to happen.

Did you know? Certain levels of pressure and heat when printing can damage and kill the seeds embedded in seeded paper so avoid using a laser printer or litho printer to print on to it – you won’t have much success growing after use!


Ongoing research has enabled Chloe to learn a lot about paper which has been great given the majority of her products are paper-based! The paper stocks that she uses are FSC certified meaning they’re sourced from sustainably managed forests. Chloe tends to use a mix of FSC certified paper, recycled paper and post-consumer waste paper which is paper created from waste that people have used and recycled instead of discarding to landfills. This could be any paper product: books, junk mail, magazines etc. Envelopes used are from British manufacturers and traditional British paper mills wherever possible.

Stationery sent out from the Studio use pre-used boxes or boxes made from recycled materials. No pretty, luxurious packaging just a brown or white box with a sticker on so you know it’s from me. Products are usually wrapped in plain tissue paper and protected with shredded paper (or reused bubble wrap from other deliveries!).

Did you know? You can't recycle most tissue paper. A lot of tissue paper is made from already recycled paper which means it can't be recycled again because the fibres are too short and will result in poor pulp in the recycling process.

Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-Wedding Stationery Chloe Ainsley Creative

Photo Credit: Jo Greenfield Photographer

Mindful spending

Building up a group of trusted suppliers with robust sustainable and eco-friendly credentials has been key in helping Chloe to improve from a sustainability perspective helping to reduce not only her environmental impact but her clients too (without them realising)!

When it comes to reducing her carbon footprint, Chloe strolls to the Post Office or using public transport to drop off parcels. If she has a large quantity of jobs, she tends to bulk them together in one delivery run and items larger than A3 size that don’t require hand-finishing are drop-shipped directly to clients from printers.

Mindful spending is applied to Chloe's processes but is also an area she encourages clients to think about through simple things like areas where they can save paper. For example, perhaps not every guest needs to have a menu card or perhaps place cards could be eliminated with guests assigned a table and allowed to sit where they like on their assigned table. The collective efforts of doing little things can make more difference than some may realise.

Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-Wedding Stationery Chloe Ainsley Creative

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Benni Carol's Eco-Wedding Suppliers Network

Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network

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