How do you plan a camping wedding?

5 TOP TIPS to plan the perfect outdoor camping wedding

Planning a camping wedding | 5 TOP TIPS to plan a perfect camping wedding

How to plan a camping wedding? 5 TOP TIPS from outdoor wedding photographers covering weddings in the UK and Italy.


Adventure, outdoors, nature, experience, unforgettable, different, fun.. Are these the first words that come up into your mind when you think about your ideal wedding? Well then you might be already into a "camping wedding" mindset and you might not even know it!


If you are as much of a nature lover like we are, if you too would live in the outdoors and you have nature as your main daily companion, well then why not giving camping wedding a thought?


It may sound daunting at first, but it doesn't have to be that scary, just follow our 5 simple steps and start planning your unique, unforgettable day!


Here's our 5 TOP TIPS to plan the perfect camping wedding.



1. Think about your guests and make them excited about the idea of a bad ass wedding!


There will probably be a good chance that a high number of your guests never experienced camping before. Make them excited about it, talk them into the vision you have for your wedding, iron out the all the doubts that could come into their heads. Make sure you talk logistics and show them all the wonderful ideas you are planning for this amazing day!


Remember that an outdoor camping wedding is (also) an EXPERIENCE, just like a destination wedding. Only last week we were talking about how to make your guests live the best experience while following you on your destination wedding (if you have missed it, just check it out here: 5 TOP TIPS to plan a destination wedding). One tip we want to give you in this occasion as well, is having a wedding website. A wedding website is an easy (and very agile) way to gather all the relevant information in one place and to make your guests informed and keep them up to date on anything they will need to know.


There are so many wonderful templates you can explore online, just have a look, we highly recommend it!

Planning a camping wedding | 5 TOP TIPS to plan a perfect camping wedding


2. Make sure you think about basic needs


Yes, it is absolutely true, I hear you, the best part of planning a wedding is letting your creativity run wild and start thinking about all those amazing treats, and decorations, and ideas and fantastic things you will have on your day!


But, as usual, first things first: do not forget or underestimate the BASICS. Remember that your guests will have the best experience if their basic needs are covered. And which would be the basic needs when attending a camping wedding?


- Too much cold or too much heat: make sure your guests will find that extra blanket in their tents in case you are expecting chilly nights. Likewise, if you are getting married in a very hot period of the year, then make sure you have this eventuality covered too!

- Toiletries and Toilet Paper: I know, it sounds obvious, but having these basic comforts will actually make the difference.

- Bugs: think about bugs and ways to keep them away from your guests. You are getting married outdoors, with nature and only nature surrounding you and your guests. Giving out products like bug sprays will totally pay off!

- Toilets: again, as obvious as it seems, trust me, this is a point you should not overlook. Make sure the venue or campsite you have chosen actually provide enough toilets for the number of guests you are expecting on your day. There are so many amazing options online, so it is certainly something you should have a look at!

- Electrical backup: this point is quite straight forward I guess. Chances are that your guests will want to document these epic wild days and this costs batteries. Make sure they will be able to charge their phones and batteries.

EXTRA TIP: why not making some nice little bags you can give out when your guests arrive? You can fill them up with all the basic products, from the bug sprays to the suncreams, from a toothbrush to hand soap. And since nature will be your main focus, make sure you take good care of it! Opt for ecological options, like soap bars or wooden toothbrushes, go wild with your creativity and ideas, there are so many ecological options around!

And last but not least, add a little map and list of activities that can be done around the area. Remember, give your guests a wonderful two day (or long weekend) experience!

Planning a camping wedding | 5 TOP TIPS to plan a perfect camping wedding
Planning a camping wedding | 5 TOP TIPS to plan a perfect camping wedding

3. Good timing is crucial


Make sure you give yourselves enough time to set everything up! Try to buy as much extra time as possible to give yourselves enough room for the last little details you might be missing.

4. Offer an alternative


If having elderly people attending your wedding is important to you, then think about alternative accommodations for your grandparents and elder guests. Most of the times camping venues offer a few rooms to cover this eventuality. Also, you can have a little scout yourselves and suggest close accommodations. Again, a wedding website will come in handy for a good and easy communication! 


5. Have a plan B


When it comes to weddings, having a plan B is always of quintessential importance. When it comes to outdoor camping weddings, it is even more so!

Your mantra should be, have it COVERED, quite literally in this case! Should you not be lucky with the weather, have it covered! There are so many creative and fun options even for rainy outdoor days. If you don't choose a camping venue with an actual indoor alternative, think about setting up a marquee or a tipi tent. If it rains, it will be a stylish and still pretty cool alternative for your reception. Likewise, should it be too hot and not shady enough, it will offer a wonderful protection for a too strong sunny day. 


Remember, a good positive attitude is, at the end, what will really make a difference between having or not having an amazing day!!


We wrote an article about outdoor weddings where we cover the rainy bit too, you can have a look at it just here: How do I plan an outdoor wedding.

Planning a camping wedding | 5 TOP TIPS to plan a perfect camping wedding

EXTRA TIP from the photographer:


Want to give DIY Camping a shot? Why not??


If you feel adventurous enough, well then planning a camping wedding from scratch will be your own amazing little BIG adventure!!

Search for your dream ground, are you envisioning your day in the woods, or in an open field? By a lake or surrounded by mountains? 

Make sure to check if you can actually camp and set up a camping wedding, double check with the local council what the rules are, which may be the restrictions in terms of number of people or level of noise. Are campfires allowed? Try to come up with a list of questions, remember, there is not such thing as too many or silly questions! 

Also, be realistic. If your dream wedding is by a lake surrounded by mountains, when you actually come up with your list of guests you should keep in mind that this might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Just like destination weddings, you may want to consider to have a second little party after the actual wedding day to celebrate with the people that could not make the camping day. If this is not an option you want to consider, then you can always find a middle ground and plan your day in a place not far from alternative accommodations that could be a better fit for some of your guests.


SECOND EXTRA TIP from the photographer:


ENJOY!!!! having fun and enjoying your wedding day is, by all means, the most important thing. Share this joyful moment with your loved ones and make it unforgettable!





How do I plan an outdoor wedding?


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Planning a camping wedding | 5 TOP TIPS to plan a perfect camping wedding
Planning a camping wedding | 5 TOP TIPS to plan a perfect camping wedding
Planning a camping wedding | 5 TOP TIPS to plan a perfect camping wedding
Planning a camping wedding | 5 TOP TIPS to plan a perfect camping wedding

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