Tuscany Elopement | How to elope in Tuscany, Italy

The ultimate guide to plan an elopement in Tuscany

A guide to elope in Tuscany


You fell in love with all the Tuscan charm and eloping to Tuscany is now how you feel like your wedding day should be. Italy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and, fair enough, we feel you, choosing the destination that best reflects your taste is no easy task. Touristic places are of course one of a kind (they wouldn’t be that touristy otherwise, right?!), but how can you avoid the crowds and still have the intimate and emotional day you’ve been dreaming of? 

Having a secluded ceremony and enjoying the best destinations in Italy on your elopement day is totally achievable. One of the top tricks is to ask for the help of vendors and suppliers that know the area and know what to expect from an elopement in Italy. This guide will also do perfectly as a first good step into your beautiful adventure to start planning an elopement in Tuscany!

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Table of Contents:

  1. What is an Elopement?
  2. How do you elope in Tuscany?
  3. Where can you elope in Tuscany?
  4. Elope in Val d’Orcia
  5. Elope in the Apuan Alps 
  6. Elope in San Galgano Abbey and Siena 
  7. Elope in Monte Argentario  
  8. Elope in Chiantishire
  9. When shall you elope in Tuscany?
  10. What does a typical Tuscan elopement look like?
  11. What are the costs of an elopement in Tuscany?
  12. 5 perfect venues for your elopement in Tuscany
  13. What should you wear on an elopement in Tuscany?
  14. Book your Tuscany elopement package
  15. Useful Links for your Tuscany Elopement

You have set your heart on an elopement in Tuscany, that means that you are after a cosy experience in one of our most refined regions, where country chic influences meet culture and history. But, how do you plan an elopement in Tuscany?


If you look it up in the dictionary, an elopement is literally “the act of leaving home secretly in order to get married”. Over the years though, the term “elopement” has gained a whole new range of meanings, where experience and raw intimate moments are chosen over big and (at times) stressful events.

The best thing about elopements is surely the freedom: on your elopement day you are free to do whatever feels the most YOU as a couple and as individuals so that you can truly live to the fullest and in the pure way possible your wedding day.


Wedding couple walking up cobblestone stairs with olive trees and cypresses in the background


If your dream is to elope in Tuscany but you are not an Italian resident, fear not! You do not have to live in Italy to elope here. However, when it comes to choosing whether to have a legally binding or a symbolic ceremony, our best advice would be to opt for the second choice and have a symbolic ceremony! You can take care of all the paperwork at home and instead have no bindings whatsoever on your day. In this way, you will make things much easier, more flexible and cheaper.

If instead you want your ceremony to be legally binding, then GET IN TOUCH and we will happily talk you through the process.


Tuscany is one of the most versatile regions we have in Italy. Whether you love the mountains, vineyards, olive groves, the seaside or historical cities, Tuscany has it all! Below you will find our TOP 5 PICKS for your Tuscan Elopement, but believe us, the list is endless and we will be more than happy to help you choose the destination that best reflects your vision.

1. Elope in Val d’Orcia

View of the hot spring pool in Bagno Vignoni
Landscape view of Pienza

If the first thing that pops into your mind when you think “Tuscany Elopement” are cypresses, rolling hills and little cobblestones villages, then you are probably picturing Val d’Orcia, one of our favourite areas in the region!

From the finest culinary experience to the most beautiful and iconic landscapes, from historical villages to natural hot springs to enjoy in every season of the year, Val d’Orcia has everything to offer. We love this region so much that we wrote a guide to everyone that wants to come and visit it, please help yourself with it!


And don’t forget to check out how a typical elopement in Val d’Orcia would look like:

Fully planned and documented by Benni Carol Photography

Tracey & Peter

2. Elope in the Apuan Alps

Views of Pizzo d'Uccello in the Apuan Alps
View of the Apuan Alps in Winter time

The Apuan Alps are another hidden gem of this most stunning region. Surely not as well known as the more famous sisters of the north, the Apuan Alps nestle little secret places that will make your jaws drop. If you want to enjoy gentle hikes in one of the most secluded mountain areas in Italy, then the Apuan Alps would be just the right fit for you.


3. Elope in San Galgano Abbey and Siena

If, instead, on your elopement in Tuscany you are after an historical and cultural experience, then you cannot overlook Tuscany stunning cities and towns. From Florence, to Lucca, from San Gimignano to Monteriggioni, the list is once again endless. 

One of our favourite tours starts in San Galgano Abbey, a roofless abbey simply perfect for an intimate ceremony and ends in Siena, one of our favourite Tuscan cities. 

Wedding couple walking hand in hand in San Galgano Abbey
Wedding couple walking hand in hand in Siena

Check out how a typical elopement between San Galgano and Siena would look like:

Rachel & Chris

4. Elope in Monte Argentario

If you are more of a sea lover and are looking to have a lovely walk on a beach or some beautiful gentle hikes overlooking dreamy sea towns, then Monte Argentario is probably the right destination for you. In Spring time or in October, you can’t really go wrong with it!

Top view of Porto Ercole, Monte Argentario
Dock view of Porto Ercole, Monte Argentario

5. Elope in Chiantishire

If you are a food and wine lover and want to dive into the ultimate culinary experience while also enjoying all the most typical Tuscan environment, then the Chiantishire is what would suit you best. Wine and olive oil tastings as well as cultural experiences like joining a “vendemmia”, are only a few of the many things you can do on your elopement in Tuscany!

Couple laughing on their elopement with view of Monteriggioni at the back
Couple walking hand in hand in a vineyard on their elopement in Italy



A big YES! Spring time is the best time to elope in Tuscany. May is beautiful here, with mild temperatures and blue skies and much fewer tourists around! 


The beginning of the Summer as well as the end of it are still nice periods to elope in Tuscany. July and August should totally be avoided: temperatures are crazy high and the region is packed with tourists. If you can elope only in Summer time, then try to choose the beginning of June or the beginning of September


Autumn is again one of our favourite periods for elopements in Tuscany! Again, temperatures are mild and tourists only a few. PLUS, you get to experience all the best ever colours as the landscape turns orange, red and yellow with one of the most impressive foliages you can get in Italy. 


With shorter and colder days, Winter has its pros (as well as its cons). You get to experience Tuscany in its cosiest and most intimate way, but of course Winters here are rather cold and at times wet.


As for any elopement, there is not right or wrong, must or mustn’t. Plans, timelines, experiences, everything varies depending on you and on what you want to do on your day. With that said, we can still show you what a typical elopement day in Tuscany would look like. 

* Please, note that the timeline below would apply to an elopement in the late Spring months:

11am Getting ready

13pm First Look

13.30pm Ceremony and exchange of vows 

14.15pm Bubbles and first toast to your union

14.30pm Light lunch

15.30pm Head off to some lovely exploring

17.30pm Typical Italian aperitivo or Gelato stop

18.30-19.30pm Golden hour pictures

19.30pm Special intimate dinner 

(often accompanied by a wine or olive oil tasting experience)

Wedding couple standing by a pool with a typical Tuscan landscape in the background
Couple walking hand in hand towards the Cipressi di San Quirico in Val d'Orcia


The costs for an elopement in Tuscany vary depending on the vendors you decide to book and the experience you want to have. A rough estimate of the basic costs for an elopement in Tuscany would be:

Photography and planning team Starting at €3700

Makeup and hair stylist from €450

Bouquet and buttonhole from €500

Celebrant from €450

Tasting menu for two from €200 pp

Total Coast starting at €5600

* The cost of the venue depends on the venue, area, season and day chosen. With our all-inclusive elopement package, we would help you research and find the venue that best suits your needs.


Argiano Dimore, Sant'Angelo In Colle, Siena

Fattoria di Maiano, Florence

Il Salviatino, Florence

Agriturismo San Galgano, Terre di San Galgano

Borgo dei Brandi, Monteriggioni

Want to find the venue that will best suit your needs and taste? DROP US AN EMAIL and tell us all about the vision you have for your day, we can't wait to share all our expertise with you!

Couple kissing at sunset on their elopement in a typical luxury hotel in Florence
Wedding couple portrait at sunset in a luxury hotel in Florence


When it comes to choosing the attire for your elopement in Tuscany (but this applies to any elopement in Italy), as a general rule you should try to picture your day as much as you can. Will you be hiking? Are you eloping in late Spring or in late Fall? Are you planning to have an “Al fresco” dinner?

Layers are always the best choice, you can easily put on or take off a shawl or a jacket and avoid feeling too cold or too hot.

When it comes to choosing the dress, our suggestion is always to opt for something light, possibly with a long light skirt (they always look great in pictures, especially when there is a nice breeze blowing!). It would be best to avoid thick layers and too big dresses, as they would impeach your movements.

REAL BRIDE EXPERIENCE - Tracey on her elopement in Val d’Orcia wore the most beautiful two piece dress. As the first piece she wore a soft white sheath dress and as a second piece, she added a chiffon skirt. Not only did it look stunning, but it was also comfy, light and perfect to make it blow with the breeze!

Definitely a rate 10 elopement dress!!

Two piece elopement dress hanging by the window
Bride looking up at her elopement dress hanging at the window
Bride putting on her two piece elopement dress by the window
Detail of the ribbon at the back of a typical elopement dress
Portrait of a bride standing by the window on her elopement in Tuscany
Portrait of a bride standing by the window on her elopement in Tuscany
Detail of a light skirt of an elopement dress in Tuscany, Italy
Couple walking hand in hand with cypresses at the back on their Tuscan elopement
Couple walking hand in hand in Bagno Vignoni on their Tuscan Elopement

When choosing your shoes, keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to stick to only one pair! Depending on how the day is going to be planned out, you can do your ceremony in your heels and then change into trainers or comfy flip flops for more agile walks. Also, who said that you can’t do your ceremony bare feet? The options are endless!

Detail of a bride putting on her wedding shoes
Bride changing her shoes on her elopement on an Italian beach
Couple smiling at each other while holding their shoes on their elopement on an Italian beach
Detail of a couple walking barefoot on their elopement on an Italian beach

As for the suit, again consider the season in which you are eloping and avoid thick jackets in late spring and early/late summer as it can get very hot! 



If you like what you see and can’t wait to turn your dream of eloping to Tuscany into a real adventure, then get in touch and enquire about our elopement packages!

We can’t wait to explore with you all your wonderful options and help you plan a day you'll never forget!




Eloping in Italy, a comprehensive guide
Visit Val d’Orcia
The Apuan Alps
San Galgano Abbey
Monte Argentario
Argiano Dimore, Sant'Angelo In Colle, Siena
Fattoria di Maiano, Florence
Il Salviatino, Florence
Agriturismo San Galgano, Terre di San Galgano
Borgo dei Brandi, Monteriggioni
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