You have booked your venue, you have saved the date, you are starting to make a list of guests and you are probably starting to look for wedding photographers too.. The search is not easy, you take a look at their style, at their portfolio, at their prices, at the products they offer, do they offer a pre wedding photo shoot or a wedding album? Do they edit all the pictures or only part of them? Are they natural photographers or do they have a more traditional style?

It is amazing how big the industry is and how easy it is for you to get lost in all the different options you can find on the web. 

Let's say you really like the style of two different wedding photographers, they are similar, they offer similar packages and they are both available for your big day, how are you going to choose between one or the other? Well, you can flip a coin and let the fate choose for you, or you can consider to see which difference there actually is, because there is always a difference.. In our case, for example, it is not only our natural and alternative style that defines our work, but there is also a strictly practical reason why a couple should think of having us for their special day.. we are TWO!

Having TWO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS at your wedding can be extremely handy, not only because you can be always sure to have a back up in case something unexpected happens - let's say one of us sneezes while you are having your first kiss as a married couple.. not to worry, the other one is there, ready to snap! - but also because we can split and be in two different places at the same time! 

It happens very often that one of us stays with the bride during the BRIDAL PREPARATION and the other goes to the groom to capture his (must probably very messy) preparation too.. Let's take the CEREMONY for example; it is amazing to see how many things actually happen when the bride walks down the aisle: the father gets extremely emotional and so does the husband-to-be; the bride is a bundle of different emotions, best man, bridesmaids, mothers, brothers, sisters friends... SO MANY PEOPLE!! And everyone so worth photographing! And what about the SPEECHES, wouldn't you love to have both the pictures of your guests while getting emotional or while having a laugh and at the same time having the pictures of you reacting in the same way to the same speech?  

Our years of experience have brought us to a balance in which we make the most out of our different lenses and point of views, to give TWO different and unique frames of the same situation in a way that will enrich the memories of your most important of days and that will help you treasure every single moment of it. We have become the perfect assistant of each other, we now coordinate ourselves in the different situations making sure to offer wide angles and close ups in a way that allows us to compensate each other's work.

For us, it has definitely become a plus to work as TWO wedding photographers!

Have a look here below at some of our backstage images, we hope you enjoy them and we look very much forward to hearing from you! :)

Benni & Carol



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