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The Sustainable Bride is a bespoke wedding dress design company with a sustainable heart. It is run by the wonderful Madeline Castagnéra-Bond, a womenswear designer who worked in Italy, London & Paris and trained at Central Saint Martins. Madeline is obsessed by all things vintage and second hand and she is passionate about finding a more sustainable approach to the wedding dress industry.

Madeline's business focuses on three main big points: Bespoke Dresses, Reworked Dresses & Found Dresses.

Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-designer The Sustainable Bride
Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-designer The Sustainable Bride
Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network | Eco-designer The Sustainable Bride

Bespoke dresses are designed & handmade using Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified fabrics and trimmings and a transparent sustainable process. Madeline works alongside the bride: they share ideas and develop the dress together. And by "together" we mean that they literally do everything together, from sourcing fabrics and very first toiles and fittings to making the final construction of the dress. It's a very holistic approach which evolves as the dress progresses. At the end of this creative process, the dress will be a truly unique and truly personal piece.

Reworked dresses are the heart of where Madeline's journey started: to take a vintage or hand me down dress and turn it into a beautiful new dress but, at the same time, retaining the story of its former past. Previous dresses were made from an heirloom sari from 1960 with real gold embroidery to vintage lace tablecloths. In Madeline's words: "I love how new life can be breathed into these otherwise forgotten dresses".

Found dresses are a collection of curated and restored vintage & second hand Wedding dresses available to buy. Otherwise they can also be used as a starting point for a Reworked dress.

To know all about this wonderful sustainable wedding dress designer, check our her website:

The Sustainable Bride


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Benni Carol's Eco-Wedding Suppliers Network

Benni Carol's eco-wedding suppliers network

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