Destination wedding photographer Edinburgh, Scotland - Rae&Chad's overseas wedding

March 15, 2019


This is definitely the most exciting part of our job, being able to travel and follow our couples' stories in the most beautiful places on Earth, and Scotland is really one of them! And I have to say that Winter in Scotland really adds up to the magic of this stunning destination. 


Being big lovers of fine scotch, Rae and Chad decided (naturally!!) to tie the knot in Edinburgh. 

When planning a wedding abroad, one of the things you should consider is the overall experience you'd like your guests to have on their trip. It is never only about the wedding, it is also about the places they can see and visit during their stay in your chosen destination. Edinburgh is really a must see city and again I think that visiting it in Winter time adds up to the whole experience. Being Rae and Chad's wedding on the 15th of December also meant that we could take some extra and amazing shots through the Christmas markets right in the heart of Edinburgh.


Rae and Chad got married at South Queensferry Priory Church, which has been world heritage site since 1971 and dates back to the 15th century, probably one of the most historic churches in the area and definitely a church with quite a good amount of character!


And luckily this amazing couple was not from Italy, they came all the way from Canada to celebrate their union!! Why "luckily" you might be thinking? Well, they braved the cold as no one ever did on a photoshoot with us, Rae always looked like she didn't even feel the freezing wind mixed to icy snow caressing her face!! We were wearing the thickest jackets and yet we were freezing cold, thank God we were on the other side of the camera!


The day continued with a very intimate reception at the Cannonball Restaurant, right in the heart of the city, a few steps away from Edinburgh castle.

With christmassy colours and a scotch wedding theme, they could not have chosen a better way to celebrate their destination wedding with closest friends and family.


A huge shout out to the BEST (and I'm not even joking) driver EVER, Cilla at One Fare Day Vintage Taxi Hire, she literally knew every single little street of the entire Scotland and took us to the best places in Edinburgh. Really, if you are looking for the best driver in Edinburgh, give her a call!


Can't wait to share some other amazing stories like this!!




Benni and Carol xx




Church: South Queensferry Priory Church

Restaurant: Cannonball Restaurant

Flowers: The Stockbridge Flower Company

Vintage car hire: One Fare Day Vintage Taxi Hire


HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY (click on image to enlarge):










































































































































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