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Let’s start from the basics: what is a destination wedding and why shall you opt for one? Why shall you decide for example to get married in Tuscany or in the Italian Alps rather than planning your wedding in a comfortable place in your home country?
We are only more than aware that planning a wedding can be THE challenge most couple face at a certain point of their relationship. But it doesn’t have necessarily to be that stressful, you can actually turn the whole experience into a fun and unforgettable adventure! Lets’ see how and let’s try to get rid of some stress along the way.

But first things first, what is a destination wedding and why shall you plan one?
A destination wedding is an amazing opportunity for couples to celebrate their marriage in some wonderful location in their favourite part of the world. Is the perfect occasion to share an unforgettable moment with your dearest friends and family and to create some beautiful memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life. And this already sounds like a great reason why you should plan a destination wedding.. Of course you need to put some great organisational skills into place (well, nothing new right? Fully planned weddings don’t follow exactly from the sky!) and this guide to destination weddings will definitely be of great help when it comes to planning.

Let’s see in depth:


You can explore and get some useful help going through the 9 top tips to plan a destination wedding, covering every aspect of the planning, from choosing the perfect destination for your wedding to timings and schedule you should follow during the planning process.


No doubt the world is full of amazing destinations (from Tuscany to the Italian Alps, from a tropical beach to a historical city like Florence) and this can easily give you a headache when choosing the perfect destination for your wedding. But again, it doesn’t have to be so stressful, here's a guide on how to pick the perfect wedding destination.


Eloping in some beautiful wedding destinations in Italy.


top 5 reasons why choosing Tuscany and Florence for your destination wedding from the Italian wedding planner Veronica Regis


Choosing a wedding photographer is hard. Choosing the perfect destination wedding photographer is probably harder. Here are a few tips from the two wedding photographers Benni & Carol at Benni Carol Photography specialised in destination weddings in Europe, in the UK, in Tuscany and Italy.

9 Useful tips to plan your destination wedding
9 Top Tips

9 Useful tips to plan your destination wedding

How to pick the perfect destination for your wedding?

How to pick the perfect destination for your wedding?

A guide to Eloping to some beautiful destinations in Italy

A guide to Eloping to some beautiful destinations in Italy

Why choose Tuscany and Florence for your destination wedding?
Tips From Expert

Why choose Tuscany and Florence for your destination wedding?

How to choose the perfect destination wedding photographer for your special day
The Photographer

How to choose the perfect destination wedding photographer for your special day


When it comes to choosing whether to plan a “simple” wedding or to plan a destination wedding, most people would probably think that destination weddings are far too hard to organise and surely far too expensive, but they don’t have to be neither of those two things.
Here below you will find a very useful list of the 9 top tips you should follow when planning your destination wedding.


When the choice of potential destinations is almost infinite (well, let’s say it’s infinite!), a good advice you can follow when it comes to wedding destination picking, is definitely narrowing the pool of choice down to locations that mean something important to you. You can choose the location of your first holiday together or a location that reminds you of your childhood. Just try to be a bit practical when you choose it. Remember, everything is possible, sometimes you just need to keep it simple to get the best results. Here an example of a lovely couple that chose their perfect destination after a holiday they had in Florence, Tuscany. They could not have had a better and happier day: Keely & Ben’s destination wedding in Florence, Villa le Piazzole, Tuscany.

Read here more on how to pick the perfect wedding destination.


Once you have your perfect location and you have booked your favourite wedding venue, then it is surely time to send out your wedding invitations. This will give your guests enough time to organise and book themselves free for your most important of days.
Samantha and Alex for example, had their pre wedding photoshoot well in advance in order to have the perfect Invitation Cards for their guests based in the US. Check out a great example of a pre wedding photoshoot that made it possible to create stunning invitation cards for a destination wedding: Samantha & Alex.

Engagement session Florence wedding photographer Tuscany
Engagement session Florence wedding photographer Tuscany
Engagement session Florence wedding photographer Tuscany
Engagement session Florence wedding photographer Tuscany


Accommodations is key to help your guests live the experience in the best way possible.
Booking accommodations to your guests or at least giving them a couple of hotel options, is almost as essential as booking your own wedding venue. Keep in mind that often wedding venues have their own guests accommodations in situ. This is very true when it comes to wedding Villas in Tuscany for examples. Another good option is surely considering to rent rooms or apartments on AirBnB, this will also help with your wedding budget.


It is important to go and visit the venue in advance as this will give you a good advantage on the wedding day. It is very likely that you will organise two or three trips to the venue before the big day, but in case it is logistically hard, then you can always go to the venue a few days before the wedding day to finalise the last things.


When it comes to ceremony you can really get creative, especially if you choose a warm country, maybe in the Mediterranean Europe, when chances of rain are very small. If you opt for a civil ceremony, you can choose to have an outdoor ceremony, and what better than a olive trees field in Italy, a tropical beach or a mountain lake for your perfect ceremony location?
If you instead are more likely to go for a religious ceremony, well, chances are that even the smallest church in the smallest Italian village will treasure some fantastic paintings and rustic landscape. You can’t really go wrong with it!

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Wedding planner yes or wedding planner no? In our years of experience, we are confident in saying that yes, you need a wedding planner, especially when it comes to destination weddings! Hiring the skills of a pro is definitely something that is going to give you some precious relief during the whole planning process and especially during the wedding day itself. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, on the contrary is actually a good deal if you think that they will cope with venues, providers, caterers etc using the language and the ways of the country. Most of the times they tailor specific packages to meet everyone’s needs and budget. Read the advice from the expert Veronica Regis at Italian Wedding Planner.


When it comes to vendors, it is really important to keep an open mind. You will surely find someone that you will like, but probably it will not be exactly like the top florist of your hometown, or the hairstylist you always go to. What is very important though, is to not compromise on the photographer. Since wedding pictures are your most precious memory of the day, it is important that they are exactly what you want and what you have in mind. It may be worth flying your preferred photographer to your destination wedding. Nowadays flights are very cheap, especially if booked in advance, so it is very likely that they will charge you very little extra (if none at all) for coming to the destination you picked. Read here more on how to choose your perfect destination wedding photographer.


Remember, some destinations can be very hot! It is essential to fully enjoy your wedding day, that you choose the wedding dress that best fits with the hot humid weather (or the very cold one)! For example our bride Delis from Puerto Rico got married in Umbria, near Perugia and she chose a destination wedding dress, very light and that can be folded and carried in a luggage!


Are you already in the country of your dreams? So why not having your honeymoon there? This will save you so much money and time!



Choosing the perfect wedding destination when you are planning your wedding abroad is key to the success of the whole experience. You want to create something unique and unforgettable for you and your guests, something they will remember for quite some time.

So while browsing for your perfect wedding destination, you should keep in mind the 5 top tips that will make the whole experience a bit easier and a lot more enjoyable:

  • Consider your favourite wedding style do you like outdoor rustic weddings? Would you like to get married in some beautiful small Italian village or in a big metropolitan city? Are you more oriented on having the ceremony on a beach or by the most beautiful Italian Lakes?
  • What kind of cultural experience would you like your guests to have? Are you a foody? Or would you rather enjoy the open wild landscapes?
  • Take into account your favourite climate and figure out what is the best period of the year you should choose in order to have the climate you want on your wedding day.
  • Check out what are the legal requirements to get married in a specific country and make sure the marriage will be recognised once you are back home.
  • What is your budget? How much would you like to spend on your wedding? What’s the size of the wedding you have in mind? Remember that very often you will benefit from the currency exchange and this could result in a bit extra money that you could allocate on something that maybe you thought you had to give up on.

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What are the benefits of planning an intimate destination wedding abroad? Is eloping abroad something that could be just right for you? And why should you go with this option?

Eloping is the perfect solution if you have always wanted that romantic and intimate getaway with your other half. Of course, you will have to give up on having a big wedding with your family and friends, but who said that you cannot have a nice party at home once you are married? And if you think about it, when it comes to destination picking, you can really go with whatever suits you better, without bothering about logistics, costs, accommodating weather and so on.. Are you a mountain lover? That’s great, you can have your wedding in the heart of the Italian Alps or in the beautiful Swiss mountains. Did you fall in love with the Tuscan countryside? Well, what better set than the beauties of Florence and it’s magical hills?

When you are planning an Elopement abroad, make sure you give yourself a few months to plan in advance to avoid bad surprises along the way and do not underestimate the paperwork.

Make sure you put a lot of thought when choosing your photographer. Those awesome pictures will be the wonderful memories you will share with your family and friends and that will make them part of your epic adventure.

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Why should a couple choose Tuscany and Florence for their destination wedding in Italy?
Tuscany is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth and it offers everything a couple should look for for their destination wedding: amazing landscapes, romantic views, top quality food (and wine, of course!), ideal weather and a cultural experience that is not second to anything else. Florence is the icing on the cake that Tuscany can offer. On top of everything, you can give your guests and most importantly yourselves, one of the best experiences in your lives.

Let’s read the 5 top reasons why you should have your destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy according to the Italian wedding planner Veronica Regis:

“Tuscany is one of the most famous regions for its countryside, wine tours and romantic getaways” says Veronica. “With its wonderful landscapes, historical villas and vineyards spreading as far as the eye can see. Tuscany is one of the favourite locations for foreign spouses who choose Italy for their marriage”.

  • Weddings in Tuscany are ideal in any season of the year: due to its perfect weather, you can get married in Tuscany all year round, any season has its charm. Winter weddings in Tuscany can offer that magical atmosphere that only a warm fireplace in a historical Italian villa can evoke. Spring weddings in Tuscany are perfect for nature and flower lovers, all the hills and gardens will be covered with wonderful and unique colours. Summer weddings in Tuscany have the charm of historical villas with their elegant architecture from the 16th century, surrounded by Italian gardens and secular trees. And last but not least, Autumn weddings in Tuscany: well, Autumn is the romantic season par excellence, with its warm and suggestive colours and with the flavours of grape harvest.
  • Tuscany can offer to the future married couples many different options and it can satisfy various needs: from the cities of art to famous seaside resorts, from spa to food & wine tourism. It is also one of the Italian regions where there are 12.000 locations for accommodation and with the Italian primacy of farm holidays.
  • Discover Tuscany and its unique beauties while planning your wedding: planning a Wedding in Tuscany gives you the chance of discovering one of the most beautiful regions in the world while scouting for the perfect location through its charming places and its mediaeval little towns. At the same time, you can admire works of art of inestimable value and incomparable beauty. And if this is not enough, it gives you the chance to try its typical products famous all over the world... just pure pleasure for foodies.
  • Tuscany is the perfect destination for your honeymoon: what better and more romantic place than Tuscany for you honeymoon? Think in a practical way, if you plan your destination wedding in Tuscany you can start your honeymoon straight away, it doesn’t only save you time, but it saves you money too!
  • Florence: the fifth reason why a couple should choose Tuscany for their destination wedding in Italy is without any doubt Florence. Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, visited every year by millions of tourists and for very good reasons. It is second to no other city for its historical beauties, for its unique monuments, for its food and wine, for the vibes it can create. If you want to give your guests an unique and enriching experience, well Florence is by far the city that will suit you best!



The destination wedding photographer point of view:

- Benni Carol Photography is a team of two destination wedding photographers specialised in weddings all over the UK, Europe and Italy. With this article they want to offer a useful and honest guide to those couples that are facing the difficult choice of picking the best destination wedding photographer -

Being strategically based both in the UK and in Italy, we are lucky enough to having had the chance to travel pretty much everywhere in both countries and to having worked at many different venues. This gives a big help when it comes to experience and versatility and to giving precious tips to future couples that want to plan a destination wedding abroad.

When it comes to choosing your destination wedding photographer, you should definitely keep in mind three essential things:

  • Shall you go for a local photographer or for a destination photographer? How to choose the best option.
  • Do you like the style of their photos?
  • Do you get along well with them?

Let’s have a look more in detail:

  • Local photographer versus destination photographer, what shall I do?

There are undoubtedly pros and cons for both the choices: surely the local photographer will speak the language of the country and they will know its culture and traditions. Chances are also that they will know the location you chose for your destination wedding.
On the other hand though, it is very likely that the level of English spoken by the local photographer could be very little and this could translate into a difficult dialogue between the couple and the photographer, which is undoubtedly not ideal.

If you are considering to hire a destination wedding photographer instead, it is because you already fell in love with their photography style, so you don’t have to compromise on this, and you really feel strongly about having them at your wedding. If they specialise in destination wedding photography, they will surely be highly experienced photographers, with the ability of getting the most out of every location. Their talent is being versatile and finding somehow always the best spot, light condition and setting in any location they find themselves shooting at.

Adventure mountain elopement photographer Italian Alps
Outdoor wedding photographer New Forest UK
Outdoor bohemian wedding photographer Sussex UK
Two outdoor wedding photographers Tuscany Italy
Boho chic wedding photographer Italy and UK
Bohemian outdoor wedding photographers UK and Italy
Boho chic wedding photographer UK and Italy
Adventure elopement photographer UK, Italy and Europe
Two boho chic wedding photographers Europe

If you opt for a destination wedding photographer you won’t have the language barrier. This is essential, especially if you think that building up a meaningful relationship with your wedding photographer is key to having amazing wedding pictures.

In our case for example, since we decided to specialise in destination wedding photography, we thought that having two branches (one in the UK and one in Italy) was a good and strategic advantage. Benni is in fact based in London, UK while Carol is based in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. We are two Italian sisters that started their own wedding photography company in London. Recently, after having lived in the UK for over 7 years, Carol has decided to move back to Italy, choosing Florence as her final destination and wedding photography base. We are well accustomed to the tradition, language and culture of our home country, but at the same time having lived abroad for so long and having travelled all over Europe for weddings, we have built enough experience to feel perfectly confident in shooting in any destination you might choose. With the big advantage of being able to speak a fluent English and at the same time to deal perfectly with Italian and European providers. This is surely something that you should keep in mind while narrowing down your choices.​

  • Do you like their style of photography?

Remember, always keep in mind that compromising on the photography style could easily mean ending up with being disappointed about your wedding memories. The photography service is probably one of the most important aspect of the wedding planning. That’s why you should always look for a photographer well in advance (ideally soon after you have booked your venue) to make sure you book exactly the one you want without being forced to choose your second best option.

This is also one of the reasons why hiring a destination wedding photographer rather than a local wedding photographer will ultimately translate into happy memories. With very cheap flights nowadays, it won’t be more expensive than hiring the same photographer back at home, in fact chances are that they won’t even charge any extra for travelling to your destination. For example, we offer a very competitive all inclusive destination wedding photography package that is as convenient as our full day wedding photography packages.

For more info and to have a clearer idea, request one of our brochures here.

  • Do you get along well with your photographer?

Once settled that you are in love with their style of photography, it’s time for a Skype call or a face to face meeting. Remember, sometimes saving £100/£200 on your photography budget but choosing the photographer you are not 100% convinced of, could be a mistake. Since you have to spend the entire day with them (and most importantly, not just another day, but most likely one of the happiest day of your life), you want to make sure you click well with your photographer, you want to make sure you are on the same page and that you feel comfortable in talking and dealing with them. As we were mentioning before, building up a meaningful relationship with your wedding photographer is key to having amazing wedding pictures. This is also a reason why most of our packages (our destination wedding packages too) are inclusive of a pre wedding photoshoot, the perfect occasion to break the ice and to get to know each other a bit better. Without mentioning of course that it gives you the chance to create beautiful memories of the two of you together.

For more info and to have a clearer idea, request one of our brochures here.

For more info on destination weddings in Italy, check out our brand new website dedicated to weddings in Tuscany at destinationweddingphotographertuscany.photography


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